Infrasec POS conneXion

POS conneXion simplifies access for POS registers to a number of services that provide added value to POS register applications.


Through the POS conneXion integrated API Infrasec Partners and POS Vendors with a single register identity securely can reach and

make use of a extendable number of services. All POS conneXion services are communicated over Internet and managed through Infrasec

secure communication using enrolled client certificates.


In a initial set of services POS conneXion provide full integration of TAX Control Codes, Swish Payments and Digital Receipts.

Vendors and Partners may choose between the services to integrate and use best suited for theire application and application requirements


Below is a list of the packages included in production today.

- Infrasec Central Control Unit

- Swedbank Swish i kassa

- Findity Digital Receipts, Spara Kvittot

- Infrasec Identity Management


Infrasec Central Control Unit

Infrasec Central Control Unit (CCU) has successfully provided TAX Control Codes for POS Systems in the Swedish market since 2010.

The CCU is a Cloud Based TAX Control Unit Service that has a proven SLA of 99,99977% ie two hours disturbance per year.

CCU units are located in two different operation centers just to ensure highest availability for our users.


The CCU Enrollment includes automated enrollment for Control Unit and POS Application to Swedish Tax (Skatteverket).

This means that Infrasec manages all enrollment communication with Swedish Tax on behalf of the POS Vendors and Partners including Store and Register Owners.


For existing CCU customers the issued register identitities, certificates and all other communication abilities can be reused for existing

CCU customers that wish to migrate or make use of POS conneXion services.


Swish Corporate - Swedbank Swish i kassa

The Swish Corporate services provides a new set of integrated functions for a POS Register to fully integrate Swish payments in the POS Application.


The API Services includes:


- Register of Swish number to a POS Register identity including registration of a optional security code

- Deregister of Swish number from register identity

- Status of the register identity

- Link of payment through QR code to the standard Swish App in the phone

- Wait for the issued payment to be accounted on the Stores bank account.

- Refund on existing payment from the stores bank account (May utilize requirement of above security code)


Findity Digital Receipts - Spara Kvittot

The Findity Digital Receipts package supply integrated receipt storage for end customers.

In addition a number of services benefitial to the Store or Chain Owner can be contracted that supports customer engagement, trends and more.


Infrasec Identity Management

Infrasec Identity Management (IDM) provides online access for Partners and Vendors to manage and enroll POS Applications and Registers in real time.

Through IDM the Partner / Vendor manages stores and registers including the authorization to provied services within CCU and POS conneXion.

The IDM Management (onboarding) is executed either through IDM Enrollment API or through appointed Local Registration Authority security officers that

upload Excel sheets to the IDM system.


In IDM the Partner and partner related information is contained in a tree structure where the Partner top contains the root for the Partner and where

Partner organzation is dynamically created and managed.


In the IDM tree structure the Partners Administrators, Branches, Chaines, Stores, Registers and respective authentication tokens and

authorization attributes including credentials to provided services is maintained.